iaito katana

The Iaito katana is the foundation of your development in martial arts training. We sell affordable quality, fully functional iaito katanas designed for every future warrior. We can blunt any katana from our offer for a small fee. This will give you a sword suitable for practicing martial arts. Iaito is a training sword based on the design of the Japanese sword known as the katana. It is designed to look and weigh very much like a sharp katana. Iaito has several key differences. The main difference is that the iaito does not have a sharp blade - making it a much safer tool for martial arts training Iaido is an important part of the traditional martial art of the Japanese samurai. Iaido focuses on technique and practicing the cut and contact fight with the opponent, mostly from a sitting or standing position. Practicing iaida helps to improve coordination, accuracy, concentration and aesthetics of performed combat formations. An Iaito training sword can have a blade made of carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, or alloys that provide a similar weight to a sharp katana. The iaito may have a beautifully decorated hilt (tsuka) and a decorative guard (tsuba) to protect the hand from a counter strike by the sword. Since the iaito does not have a sharp blade, it is not intended for combat, chopping objects, or self-defense. It is only used for training and practicing iaida combat techniques. It is always important to follow strict safety rules and train under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Iaito is a useful tool for those studying and improving in Japanese martial arts. Allows practice and improvement of sword fighting skills with less risk of injury than a regular sharp katana.

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