About us

In today's fast-paced world, we create things that will last and tell stories about us long after we are long gone.

The people at Dellinger Cutlery are ready to offer you the special knives you desire and deserve. Dellinger knives are made with character and a sense of functionality. Each knife from Dellinger Cutlery will impress you with its beauty, uniqueness, and at the same time will be ready to fulfill your every wish.


Dellinger Cutlery was founded by individuals with a passion and love for knives. Our love for knives has surpassed the meaning of the word passion - making and selling beautiful knives is part of what and who we are. Our love and passion is stamped into the design and shape of each knife. That's why we decided to introduce creative and interesting knife styles that are handmade just for you.

Genuine Damascus steel is known for its great beauty, incredible strength and ability to hold sharp edges. A sample is created by successively folding and forging two or more different types of steel together. This makes the blade strong yet flexible. We use our hands to create things that will live and tell their story. Every thing we create is born from the energy, love and care of artisans. Damascene steel is known not only for this intensive process and beautiful design, but also for the rich history that surrounds it. This makes your knife so much more. It is a unique, original and unmistakable work of art.


History says that Damascus steel was known from the beginning of the 4th century, during the time of Alexander the Great. The art of making shields and weapons from Damascene steel was highly classified and inaccessible.
Legends from these times tell of swords made of damascene steel that were so sharp they cut through silk fabrics in flight. Unfortunately, due to the secrecy of the Damascus steel forging process, the secret was lost around 1750 AD and has never been fully rediscovered. Many artisans today claim to have rediscovered the ancient process of making the legendary Damascus steel - however, the lack of evidence makes these claims unreliable.