Chinese swords and ninja swords

Unique Chinese or ninja swords made of high quality materials in spectacular appearance and excellent workmanship.

Chinese Swords

Discover the elegance and tradition of Chinese swords on our website. Our collection features a variety of Chinese swords, known for their distinctive curved blades and rich history. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail, reflecting the artistry of ancient Chinese swordsmiths. From the renowned Dao to the majestic Jian, our swords are perfect for collectors, martial arts enthusiasts, and those seeking a piece of history.

Ninja Swords

Step into the shadowy world of the ninja with our selection of ninja swords. These stealthy weapons are designed for agility and precision, embodying the mysterious allure of the ninja. Our ninja swords are balanced for optimal performance, whether for display or martial arts practice. With sleek designs and durable construction, our ninja swords are a must-have for anyone fascinated by the lore of these covert agents.


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TANG-DAO Chinese sword & overlaid (damascus) steel AISI 1095 and AISI 1060 & real hamon

Code: LP-04
Ming Dynasty Chinese Sword, Feather Grain Damascus Steel
€2 695,61

Chinese Ming & Real Sword & Damascus feather steel AISI 1095 and AISI 1060

Code: LP-03
ninja sword YASUNORI made of AISI 1045 carbon steel with polished hamon imitation

ninja sword YASUNORI & carbon steel AISI 1045 & polished imitation hamon

Code: M-208
Chinese sword GUNTO type III, aisi 1095 steel, real hamon

chinese sword GUNTO type.III & steel aisi 1095 & real hamon

Code: M-1024
Chinese saber from the Ming and Qing dynasties made of high carbon steel Type.II.

Chinese sabre hand forged in Ming and Qing dynasty from high carbon steel Type.II.

Code: C-540
Chinese Tai-chi training sword, flexible stainless steel blade, wooden scabbard

chinese Tai-chi practice sword & blade made of flexible stainless steel & not sharpened & wooden scabbard

Code: C-440
Chinese sword from the company Kawashima with imitation hamon, unsharpened.

Chinese sword from the company Kawashima with imitation hamon, unsharpened.

Code: C-434
Hand forged Chinese sword Han Dynasty Jian by Kawashima.

Hand forged Chinese sword Han Dynasty Jian by Kawashima.

Code: C-431
Chinese saber HAN DAO made of folded steel and wooden scabbard

chinese sword HAN DAO & overlaid (damascus) steel AISI 1075 & wooden scabbard

Code: C-421
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