katana Tachi Shapu - 2.45 Shaku - Japanese iaido Sword - AISI 1065 Steel, Real Choji Hamon, Yokote

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Katana Tachi Shapu & Nagasa 2,45 Shaku & Japanese iaido Sword & AISI 1065 carbon steel & Real Choji Hamon & Diamond Shaped Yokote & o-kissaki tip & Bo-Hi groove & blade hardness (hasaki) 52 HRC

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iaido Katana Tachi Shapu Sword AISI 1065 Mono-Steel, Real Choji Hamon, Yokote
nagasa 2.45 Shaku, o kissaki

Forged shinogi-zukuri blade made of AISI 1065 carbon steel of the highest quality. Steel in Maru monocomposite configuration - differentially hardened. Carbon steel AISI 1065 is very strong and holds its sharpness very well. The blade with the bo-hi groove has been hand polished with hazuya stone in the final stage - thus achieving an almost razor sharp edge and a mirror-like shine. This blade has been tried and tested to remove everything in its path ! Sori (blade curvature) is specially designed to achieve the finest and cleanest cuts possible. The carbon monocomposite steel AISI 1065 has an impressive hardness (hasaki) of approx. 52 HRC - the perfect combination of this hardness is underlined by the curvature of the Sori blade , which allows easy cutting of tatami, straw mats or bamboo for tameshigiri. The full tang construction of this blade greatly enhances the strength of the sword.

high-end katana with a blade length of 2.45 Shaku (74.2 cm)

The tip of the blade is shaped shinogi-zukuri and o kissaki with a real Diamond-Shaped Yokote. The distinctive real Choji Hamon is created according to ancient traditional methods based on the master blacksmith's many years of experience.

The grooved blade design is ideal for training the cleanness of the cut, because thanks to the bo-hi groove, the blade "whistles"(tachi kaze - "wind of the sword") during a technically well-executed stroke, so that it is possible to verify the correct execution of the technique.

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technical description of components

katana Dragon Dream Japanese Sword - T-10 Steel, Real Choji Hamon, Yokote

  • Blade material - AISI 1065 Hi-carbon steel
  • Kashira: Higo/Tenso
  • Saya: (shell - cover) made of hardwood in black glossy finish. High-quality silk Sage-O braid is tied around the Kurigata (button) of the Sayi (sheath-cloth).
  • Tsuba: (guard) steel shackle
  • Tsuka: (handle) wooden core wrapped in genuine stingray (Samegawa) leather with black leather braid - Ito. The blade of the katana is secured with two mekugi (bamboo pins). You can remove the blade from the handle by pulling out these pins. On each side of the Tsuka (handle) there is a menuki (silver ornament under the braid). Distinctive decorated end of handles (Kashira).
  • Total length of katana (without saya) - 105 cm
  • Blade length (Nagasa) - 74,2 cm (from the end of Habaki)
  • Length of the handle - 28 cm
  • Tip length (Kissaki) - 5.0cm
  • Blade thickness (for Habaki) - 0.75cm
  • Blade height (for Habaki) - 3.1cm
  • Weight without Saya - 1160 g
  • Blade thickness (Kissaki) - 0.6cm
  • Blade height (Kissaki) - 2.1cm
  • Habaki - brass (length 2.8cm)

We will make a katana for you according to your requirements

We make katanas, wakizashi and tanto knives to customer's specifications. The lead time after payment of the 30% deposit ranges from 60-90 calendar days.

grounds for non-recognition of warranty - misuse

katana Dragon Dream Japanese Sword - T-10 Steel, Real Choji Hamon, Yokote

  • In general, these are all activities except for traditional chopping test techniques, which involve chopping into special mats.
  • Chopping branches, trees and bushes: for this activity people have developed other tools such as axes or machetes
  • Chopping or swordplay with another sword: destructive damage to the blade of a samurai sword occurs - samurai avoided any direct contact with the enemy to avoid damaging the blade. The repair was long and expensive
  • Never carry a sharp samurai sword with the blade exposed in public: always keep the sword sheathed in the Saya (scabbard). In Germany and other EU countries, this is even an obligation prescribed by gun law
  • Never insert a dirty blade into the Saya: If you are performing chopping tests on fruit, clean and preserve the blade immediately after chopping, otherwise the blade will rust and oxidize
  • Never leave your sword in a damp place such as a porch, shed, cellar or conservatory: This traditional weapon certainly doesn't deserve such treatment. Always clean the blade after use, brush with oil and store the sword in a dry place.

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Additional parameters

Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 1.42 kg
steel - blade material: AISI 1065 High carbon steel
the length of the blade (nagasa) from the end of the habaki: 2,45 Shaku
Hamon: Yes
Bo-Hi groove: ano
suitable for sectional tests: Yes

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