Pakkawood, also known as "impregnated wood" or "stabilized wood", is a wood composite made by combining layers of wood that are impregnated with resin and then compressed under high pressure. This process creates a material that combines the best properties of wood and plastic. Properties of Pakkawood Durability: Thanks to resin impregnation, pakkawood is extremely resistant to moisture, rot and mechanical damage. Strength and Stability: Pakkawood is a strong and stable material that does not expand or contract with changes in humidity. Aesthetics: Pakkawood can have different colors and patterns, which are the result of using different types of wood and dyes during the manufacturing process. This allows for a wide range of design options. Smooth surface: The material has a smooth surface that is pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain. Use of Pakkawood in the Cutlery Industry Knife Handles: The most common use of pakkawood is for making knife handles. Its resistance to moisture and mechanical damage makes it ideal for knives that will be exposed to demanding conditions. Decorative Elements: Pakkawood is also used for decorative elements on knives, thanks to its ability to be color matched and its aesthetic qualities. Kitchen Tools: Apart from knives, pakkawood is also used to make other kitchen tools such as wooden spoons and spatulas due to its hygienic properties and resistance to moisture. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: Durability: High resistance to moisture, rot and mechanical damage. Aesthetic Variability: Wide range of colors and patterns. Strength: High strength and dimensional stability. Easy Maintenance: Smooth surface that is easy to clean. Disadvantages: Price: Pakkawood can be more expensive than some other materials used for knife handles. Faux Look: Some purists may prefer the natural look of wood over a composite material. Caring for Pakkawood Caring for pakkawood is quite simple: Cleaning: Pakkawood handles should be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap. It is not recommended to immerse them in water for a long time. Oiling: Although pakkawood does not require as much maintenance as natural wood, regular oiling can help maintain its shine and appearance. Pakkawood is therefore valued in the knife industry for its combination of durability, aesthetics and practicality. It is an ideal material for knife handles that must withstand demanding conditions and look good at the same time.