koshirae Otoko, the decorative equipment of a samurai sword

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koshirae Otoko, decorative equipment of samurai sword


The word koshirae is derived from the verb koshiraeru (拵 え る), which is no longer used today. Now the term "tsukuru" is used, both words meaning "to make or create". A more accurate word is tōsō (刀 装), which is an accessory to the sword. Koshirae is intended not only for functional, but also for aesthetic purposes - often identified family affiliation.


composition of the set (koshirae):

tsuba (patronage): decorated brass - weight 150 g, size 80 x 85 mm

The artistic motifs on the tsuba depict, for example, Japanese inscriptions, scenes from rural life, animal or plant motifs, ornaments, mythical or mythical creatures. Inlays, soldering, gold, silver or special alloys are used for decorating.

kashira + fuchi: brass decorated - weight 35 g

Kashira + Fuchi are part of the tsuka (hilt) of a samurai sword. They are found at the end of the hilt - Kashira ends the sword and Fuchi is placed in front of the tsuba (guard). It is said that the first Japanese sword was made around 700 AD and its ownership initially determined membership of a certain social class, only later did the sword become a military tool. It also became a daily necessity for the samurai, who carried it with them at all times. Traditionally, the sword contained the warrior's soul and to lose the sword was to lose the right to life.


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Category: Stands, tsuby, saya, blade maintenance
Warranty: 2 years
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