A good axe is essential for outdoor enthusiasts in many situations. Whether it's setting up camp, building shelter or collecting firewood. Without a good tool, you may face an impossible task. Axes have been used for thousands of years for hard work and have evolved over time into true all-purpose tools.

A machete is a type of knife or tool used primarily for outdoor work, camping, survival or gardening. It is a short and strong knife with a fixed blade and an ergonomically shaped handle. Machetes usually have a wide blade and are made of strong steel, which ensures their durability and ability to perform heavy work. Machetes were originally developed in tropical America and have become known for their versatility and efficiency. In many countries, especially in tropical areas, machetes are still an important tool for many tasks. They can be used to remove brush and branches, cut down trees, clear paths and build shelters. There are many different types of machetes with different blade shapes and lengths. Some are designed for precision cutting, while others have a rather coarser blade that is suited for heavier work. Machetes often come with a protective sheath that allows for safe carrying and storage. Using a machete requires care and expertise. It is important to observe safety precautions, protect your hands and wear suitable protective equipment. It is also important to keep the blade in good condition and sharpen it regularly before using the machete.



sekera Dellinger Flint D2 Burned PMX137 1
sekera Dellinger Flint Burned z oceli D2
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Code: PMX137
sekera Dellinger Vikinghjerte PMX139 1
mačeta D2 MUTUN PMX138 2
machete Dellinger D2 Mutun
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Code: PMX138
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mačeta - nůž Dellinger "D2" Gungnir Wenge Chopper
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machete ARES Radim Dachs, carbon steel 14 260
machete ARES Radim Dachs, carbon steel 14 260
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Code: DKP007
machete CHARON Omega Radim Dachs, carbon steel 14 260
ax Ko-Ono 600g /Warikomi/Yaki-Magari-e, White oak (BOTAN) 360 mm
ax 450g /Warikomi/Yaki-Magari-e, White oak (BOTAN) 360 mm
ax Bakin 450g /Warikomi/Yaki-Magari-e, White oak (BOTAN) 360 mm
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machete ARES Radim Dachs, carbon steel 14 260

machete from Radim Dachs ARES workshop & carbon steel 14 260 & Fundermax blade & black DLC blade finish

Code: DKP007
machete - knife Dellinger "D2" Gungnir Wenge Chopper

machete Dellinger "D2" Gungnir Wenge Chopper & including leather sheath & blade material - steel D2 & blade length 255 mm

Code: PMX123
machete - knife Dellinger "D2" Executive

machete Dellinger "D2" Executive & including leather sheath & blade material - steel D2 & blade length 245 mm

Code: PMX110
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