wakizashi KIZEMA made of laminated AISI 1075 steel with real hamon

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wakizashi KIZEMA & overlaid (damascus) steel AISI 1075 & real Choji hamon & Yokote & Horimono

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wakizashi KIZEMA made of folded (damascus) steel AISI 1075 with a real Choji hamon and an engraving of a dragon

This blade is made of 1075 folded steel. The blade has been folded 11 times to create 2048 layers to increase the flexibility and hardness of the blade. The visible wavy grain on the blade is the result of repeated folding during forging. The production of this blade goes through 14 processes up to hand sharpening - the surface of the blade as a mirror. In the final stage, the blade was hand polished with hazuya stone - thus achieving an almost razor sharp edge.

The real Suguha hamon is created according to ancient traditional methods based on many years of experience of master blacksmiths.

It is a top quality replica of Japanese wakizashi. Carbon damascene steel 1075 has impressive hardness in the HRC 58-60 range. WAKIZASHI is suitable for practical use, but Dellinger disclaims any liability for injury or damage resulting from use. Keep out of reach of children ! Any handling of the knife is your own responsibility. Remember that you have a deadly weapon in your hands !

This is a highly crafted and fully functional replica of a samurai sword.

Tsuka: (handle) wooden core covered with genuine stingray (Samegawa) skin. The blade of the katana is secured by a single mekugi pin. You can remove the blade from the handle by pulling out this pin. There is a menuki (ornament) on each side of the Tsuka.

Saya: (shell - wrapper) made of hardwood and covered with a resin with crushed palm leaves (ancient Japanese method of decorating saya)
Koiguchi + kojir is made of real black buffalo horn.


Total length of the sword -68,5cm

Blade length (Nagasa) - 515cm (including Habaka 2.8cm)

Type of blade - shinobi zukuri - SHARP

Blade material - AISI 1075 folded steel

Blade thickness (at Habaka) - 0.75cm

Blade height (at Habaka) - 3.2cm

Blade thickness (Kisaki) - 0.55cm

Blade height (Kisaki) - 2.2cm

Tip length (Kisaki) - 3.6cm

Blade curvature (Sori) - 1.9cm

Hamon - real

Habaki - brass (length 2.8cm)

Tsuka - wooden core, covered with genuine stingray leather

Saya - wooden, covered with a spray with crushed palm leaves

Dellinger guarantee: Dellinger comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or risk-free money back guarantee. We guarantee an excellent product that will give you the best service. Each sword or katana is packaged in a deluxe sheath and can be a wise gift solution for a birthday, wedding or Christmas.

samurai sword warranty - examples of misuse

In general, these are all activities except for traditional chopping test techniques, which involve chopping into special mats.

Cutting branches, trees and bushes: for this activity people have developed other tools such as axes or machetes

Chopping or swordplay with another sword: destructive damage to the blade of a samurai sword occurs - samurai avoided any direct contact with the enemy to avoid damaging the blade. The repair was long and expensive

Never wear a sharp samurai sword with the blade exposed in public: Always keep the sword sheathed in the Saya (scabbard). In Germany and other EU countries, this is even an obligation prescribed by gun law

Never insert a dirty blade into the Saya: If you are performing chop tests on fruit, clean and preserve the blade immediately after chopping, otherwise the blade will rust and oxidize

Never leave the sword lying in a damp place such as a porch, shed, cellar or conservatory: This traditional weapon definitely does not deserve such treatment. Always clean the blade after use, brush with oil and store the sword in a dry place.

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