Wakizashi ODAWARA made of AISI 1045 carbon steel with imitation hamon

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Wakizashi ODAWARA & carbon steel AISI 1045 & imitation hamon

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Wakizashi ODAWARA in AISI 1045 steel and hamon imitation


Hand forged wakizashi ODAWARA in AISI 1045 steel and hamon imitation by f.Kawashima. If you are looking for an affordable wakizashi and at the same time require reasonable quality this is a good choice. Wakizashi can be unfolded, tsuka is covered with stingray skin, comes in a black canvas bag, suitable for set with ODAWARA katana no.K-144.

Hand forged blade made of AISI 1045 steel of the highest quality. The blade is in Maru configuration, i.e. forged from one compact bar of steel. AISI 1045 carbon steel is a very popular steel used for katana and sword blades. The production of this blade goes through several polishing and sharpening processes the surface of the blade shows a high gloss. The blade has been ground to a high razor sharp finish. The blade of the wakizashi is decorated with a polished imitation of a hamon tempering line. The wakizashi is carefully inspected and carefully packed before shipment to ensure that it is delivered to your complete satisfaction.


Tsuka: (handle) wooden core with inserted stingray (Samegawa) skin braided in black - Ito. The wakizashi blade is secured with two mekugi (pins). You can remove the blade from the handle by pulling out these pins. There is a menuki (ornament) on each side of the Tsuka.

Saya: (shell - cover) made of hardwood in black matt finish. High quality silk Sage-O braid is tied around the Kurigata (button) of the jacket.



Total length of wakizashi -78cm

Wakizashi scale - 900g

Blade length (Nagasa) - 52cm (including Habaki 2.8cm)

Type of blade - shinogi zukuri with Bo-hi - sharp

Blade material - AISI 1045 Hi-carbon steel, blade hardness (Hasaki) 45HRC

Blade thickness (at Habaka) - 0.7cm

Blade height (at Habaka) - 3.2cm

Blade thickness (Kissaki) - 0.5cm

Blade height (Kissaki) - 2.4cm

Tip length (Kissaki) - 4.6cm

Blade curvature (Sori) - 1.3cm

Center of gravity - 8cm from Tsuba

Hamon - imitation

Habaki - brass (length 2.8cm)

Tsuba - cast with oriental motif

Tsuka - wooden core, covered with genuine stingray leather, secured with two pins (Mekugi)

Tsuka length(including Fuchi and Kashiro) - 24.5cm

Saya - wooden, black, satin


Dellinger guarantee: Dellinger comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or risk-free money back guarantee. We guarantee an excellent product that will give you the best service. Each sword or katana is packaged in a deluxe sheath and can be a wise gift solution for a birthday, wedding or Christmas.

Additional parameters

Category: wakizashi
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 1.062 kg
steel - blade material: carbon steel 1045
the length of the blade (nagasa) from the end of the habaki: 1,60 Shaku - 49,0 cm
Hamon: no
Bo-Hi groove: ano
suitable for sectional tests: No

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